The skyrmion was originally proposed in 1962 in the context of particle physics as a topologically stable field configuration. These topological states have been recently subject to a great interest, and have found application in emerging spintronics. The skyrmion racetrack is a promising concept for future information technology. There, binary bits are carried by nanoscale spin swirls–skyrmions–driven along magnetic strips. Stability of the skyrmions is a critical issue for realising this technology. Here we demonstrate that the racetrack skyrmion lifetime can be calculated from first principles as a function of temperature, magnetic field and track width. This result open the door for predictive simulations, free from empirical parameters, to aid the design of skyrmion-based information technology.

Prof. Stefan Blügel, director of Institute Quantum Theory of Materials at Forschungszentrum Jülich, is the top scientist in the area of solid state. He focuses on low dimensional systems and nano-structures such as magnetic multilayer, ultrathin magnetic films, nano-magnets, semiconductor (element IV, III-V, II-VI) and transport properties. He also performs atomic-scale computer simulations to understand complex properties and processes in solids of interfacial structures and nano-structures of a type relevant to basic science.

Le professeur Stefan Blügel, directeur de l'Institut de théorie quantique des matériaux au Forschungszentrum Jülich, est le scientifique de premier plan dans le domaine de l'état solide. Il se concentre sur les systèmes et les nanostructures de faible dimension tels que les multicouches magnétiques, les films magnétiques ultra-minces, les nano-aimants, les semi-conducteurs et les propriétés de transport. Il effectue également des simulations informatiques à l'échelle atomique afin de comprendre les propriétés et les processus complexes des solides de structures interfaciales et des nanostructures d'un type intéressant pour la science fondamentale.


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