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AGYA with the support of the college of physics and chemistry (CSPC) of the Hassan II Academy for Sciences & Technology and in partnership with the Moroccan Young Scientists Network (RNJCS) organize the International Workshop on Smart and Sustainable Cities: Between Reality and Realm.

Scope: Today, the number of people living in cities is growing. Spurred on by economic and technological changes, smart cities are emerging. Using new technologies, smart cities are being designed, constructed, and maintained upon intelligent infrastructures spanning energy, resources, healthcare, and transportation. To make these urban centers of the future, safe, secure, environmentally sustainable and efficient, it is required better optimizing their resources, planning their preventive maintenance activities, and monitoring privacy and security aspects while maximizing services to all the citizens. This workshop will provide a forum for researchers from various domains to present their results on techniques, policies, and standards required to acquire, process, and use spat io-tem pora l data. Main Topics: To inspire the dialogue about the management and organisation, technology, governance, policy context, social aspects, economy, built infrastructure, and the natural environment, the workshop will include the following topics:

Description: The aim of this workshop is to bring scientist from different disciplines to investigate interdisciplinary solutions for the smart city concept, which so far have been neglected in the present analysis. Conscious of the high importance of this topic and the emergency of challenges posed by smart cities, this international workshop organized during two days, will bring the participants to discuss issues for addressing and assessing the environmental, health, and safety impact of engineered smart materials, the information and communication technologies to be deployed in future cities. There is no registration fee.

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